Sha-warming Up and Puffing Hookah with Al-Zain


Al Zain is a very special place I hold dear to my stomach. For years my solid last minute cheap delivery spot, this neighborhood family owned restaurant was always just one call away when that special 11:45pm falafel-babaganoush-shawarma-chickenkebab craving hit. (Because that kind of hummusy hankering comes up quite often). But lately I’ve been skipping […]

Spice Me Up, Green Curry

If you take a city wide expat poll, I bet most would agree on what kinds of foods are wished to be more readily available in Buenos Aires. Spices, picante, mouth burning sauces; while once a bit of food sweat was nowhere to be found, these days restaurants are popping up with the spicy aderezo […]

F You, They’re From San Telmo: El Banco Rojo

el banco rojo

Now there’s a new reason to venture out of your barrio bubble to far off San Telmo lands. From the owners of famed San Telmo bar La Puerta Roja, yet another cheap healthy-ish fast food spot has graced Buenos Aires with their banging delicious presence. A tiny spot on Bolivar with just a few bar stools, El Banco […]

La Cresta: Winning Over Almagro

la cresta

A new food trend is storming across Buenos Aires: a modernized version of fast food to-go, offering an unorthodox porteño menu of ethnic-influenced healthy-ish grub. La Cresta might be one of the biggest gangstas in the para llevar gang, specializing in juicy, crispy rotisserie chicken, inventive salads and flavor filled wraps. 

Wrapping N Rolling with Fitz Roll


Palermo Hollywood lunch crew, here’s a quick lil’ gem for a midday munch. Fast food done differently, this hole-in-the-wall nestled snuggly on Fitz Roy, rolls out fatty wraps filled with your own choice of produce-protein prime packed goodness. 

Mongolian BBQ: Choose Your Own Stir Fry Adventure


***”Mongolian BBQ Chile Caliente“ was formerly known as Gengis’s House in Recoleta. This post was updated Oct 2014*** Mongolian BBQ is one hell of a concept. It certainly didn’t originate from Mongolia, and it’s not exactly traditional barbecue, but it’s positively delightful to eat: a big bowl packed with self service choices of vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, tofu, rice, […]

Horneando Up A Storm At Baking BA


There’s a new breed of healthy fast food options sweeping the city. Tiny shops selling a wide range of tasty treats that will put any traditional kiosco sorry ass sandwich to shame. Exemplifying this new concept, Baking BA in the microcentro is all about the food: simple, natural and rico. Reinventing lunch on the go, […]