Sha-warming Up and Puffing Hookah with Al-Zain


Al Zain is a very special place I hold dear to my stomach. For years it was my solid last minute cheap delivery spot, the neighborhood family owned restaurant was always just one call away when that special 11:45pm falafel-babaganoush-shawarma-chickenkebab craving hit. Because that kind of hummusy hankering comes up quite often. But lately I’ve […]


Spice Me Up, Green Curry

If you take a city wide expat poll, I bet most would agree on what kinds of foods are wished to be more readily available in Buenos Aires. Spices, picante, mouth burning sauces; while once a bit of food sweat was nowhere to be found, these days restaurants are popping up with the spicy aderezo […]


F You, They’re From San Telmo: El Banco Rojo

el banco rojo

Update: Banco Rojo has changed locations (one block away on Bolivar 866 in a bigger and better way) Now there’s a new reason to venture out of your barrio bubble to far off San Telmo lands. From the owners of famed San Telmo bar La Puerta Roja, yet another cheap healthy-ish fast food spot has graced Buenos […]


La Cresta: Winning Over Almagro

la cresta

A new food trend is storming across Buenos Aires: a modernized version of fast food to-go, offering an unorthodox porteño menu of ethnic-influenced healthy-ish grub. La Cresta might be one of the biggest gangstas in the para llevar gang, specializing in juicy, crispy rotisserie chicken, inventive salads and flavor filled wraps. 


Wrapping N Rolling with Fitz Roll


Palermo Hollywood lunch crew, here’s a quick lil’ gem for a midday munch. Fast food done differently, this hole-in-the-wall nestled snuggly on Fitz Roy, rolls out fatty wraps filled with your own choice of produce-protein prime packed goodness. 


Mongolian BBQ: Choose Your Own Genghis Khan Stir Fry Adventure


***”Mongolian BBQ Chile Caliente” was formerly known as Gengis’s House. First, they had a Recoleta, then moved downtown to Alem. Today, they are in Palermo Soho.  NEW PALERMO LOCATION –> El Salvador 5090, Palermo Soho Mongolian BBQ is one hell of a concept. It certainly didn’t originate from Mongolia, and it’s not exactly traditional barbecue, but it’s positively delightful to eat: a big […]


Horneando Up A Storm At Baking BA


There’s a new breed of healthy fast food options sweeping the city. Tiny shops selling a wide range of tasty treats that will put any traditional kiosco sorry ass sandwich to shame. Exemplifying this new concept, Baking BA in the microcentro is all about the food: simple, natural and rico. Reinventing lunch on the go, […]