The Best Buenos Aires Restaurants For Cheap Bastards

Cheap dining

Sometimes I get attacked by a dark hole of self-induced extranjero depression, where just whipping out an old BA guidebook, glancing at an outdated travel article, or deciphering a price crossed out pizzería menu gives me the uncontrollable urge to play the Inflations-A-Bitch pity party game. With restaurant costs catapulting skyward, inflation at a ridiculous high, it’s […]


The Executive Menu: Contigo Peru


I’m all about the lunch special. In this ever-inflating Buenos Aires restaurant world we live in, there’s nothing quite like a great deal for lunch. Contigo Peru has been a longasstime favorite, offering a killer weekday deal that will entice the cheapest of Peruvian eaters. Main dish, drink and dessert for just $35 pesos*, that’s what I call a lunch […]


A Latino Sandwich

latino sandwich

There comes that moment in time when you stumble upon a special sandwich gem.  A sandwich that puts your stupid old miga-milanesa-milanga to shame. In my fake Buenos Aires life, I’d open up a kiosco-sized shop, serving killer sandwiches and salads, at a price accessible to most. Thankfully Latino Sandwich has done just that, helping to reinvent […]


The Chinese Food Counter: Asia Oriental Supermarket in Barrio Chino

Asia Oriental

ASIA ORIENTALS BAR HAS CLOSED! BACK UP: MIAN near the tracks, Mendoza 1725 for dumplings + peanut noodles. Oh, how I love you Asia Oriental food counter. With your pungent fishy odors, uncomfortable bar stools, over-crowded narrow eating space and disorganized inattentive service, you always put that cherry on top of my already rewarding Buenos Aires Barrio Chino […]


Best Buenos Aires Restaurants Under 30 Pesos

Note: This article is waaaay out of date. It was written in 2009 and updated again in 2011, but I’m sure when you are reading this, the prices will have increased many more times in this ever inflating economy we live in. The restaurants, however, continue to be cheap good options. For a more elaborate […]