The Empanada Quest: El Banco Rojo


I’m going on another empanada quest, a search across the country to find the best empanadas Argentina has to offer. Even though empanadas are everywhere, it’s not easy to find that perfect empanada. I’m talking flavorful dough, folded thoughtfully with a respectable repulgue, and baked or fried until golden brown. It’s the kind of empanada crammed with such delicious […]


The Multifaceted Empanada: Baked Samosas & Dal

dal package

Among my many food related hobbies, reading food blogs, looking up recipes, watching Top Chef, watching other cooking shows and memorizing menus, is finding new spins on Argentine favorites.  On an empanada wrapper binge, I thought to myself – what fun goodies can I stuff inside?  With a craving for some intense spices, it was […]

What the FLUCK should I make for dinner?


One of the many food related recipe blogs I read, What the fuck should I make for dinner, has inspired me to follow in the good fun and include my recipes of what I’ve been fucking making for dinner. 1. Barbecue chicken fucking salad 2. Empa-fucking-nadas salteñas 3. Fucking rigatoni in a garlic white wine […]