The Mid-Year Hit List: 15 New Buenos Aires Restaurants in 2014

It’s only the first half of 2014 and the city has already exploded with new places to eat out. There seems to be a common trend with this Freshman class of newbies that I’m totally digging. It’s a general theme that is setting a new tone for the future way Buenos Aires dines: cooks and chefs as owners, involved in small […]


El Asado Más Grande Del Mundo


Yet another thing for Argentines to boast about, the town of General Pico in La Pampa has just won the Guinness World Record for the largest asado in the world!  With over 45 pairs of asadores (those who MAN the grill) and 13,713 kilos of meat, Argentina proudly took over Uruguay’s title set in 2008.  The […]