A Happy Caipi at Boteco do Brasil


There’s something about a good caipirinha that just makes me happy. It’s like a sip of Ipanema in a short glass, minus the sand and hot Brazilian bodied thonged sungas. Despite the close proximity of the two countries, and the large number of Brazilians in Argentina, for some strange reason Buenos Aires only has a […]


F You, They’re From San Telmo: El Banco Rojo

el banco rojo

Update: Banco Rojo has changed locations (one block away on Bolivar 866 in a bigger and better way) Now there’s a new reason to venture out of your barrio bubble to far off San Telmo lands. From the owners of famed San Telmo bar La Puerta Roja, yet another cheap healthy-ish fast food spot has graced Buenos […]


More Brunch, Less Hype: A Triste Brunch at Sirop Folie


Very high hopes were set for the brunch at Sirop Folie. Mentioned in many of the guidebooks, food blogs and online food guides when talking brunch in Buenos Aires, Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner made it to the top of many bruncheando lists. Perhaps blame it on high expectations, but this sad, expensive Recoleta spot […]


Shakshuka For Breakfast


Israeli breakfast might just be one of my most favorite-est things in the world, and shakshouka my even more most favoritestest parts about Israeli breakfast. A cheap, flavorful, one pot wonder, Shakshuka is my new best friend breakfast brunch lunch linner lupper dish of choice. It’s basically eggs that are poached in a spicy tomato […]


The Perfect Plate of Rabas: El Preferido de Palermo


Long before Palermo Soho flooded with overly trendy porteños, when Spanish was still the dominate language of the neighborhood, El Preferido de Palermo opened as a standard almácen-like bodegón: no frills, attentive service, solid food.  Since the opening in 1952, this restaurant on the corner of Guatemala and Borges has stayed true to its heritage, […]


Food Porn Depression: Yanquiland Chapter

shake shack

I always go into a deep, dark pit of food depression once back in Buenos Aires after an extended vacation. Generally, that intense culinary homesick feeling comes into full force Day 2 of being back, around lunch time or inside a supermarket, when I get a huge cock slap realization to the face: the food […]


Loreto Garden Bar


It’s mighty refreshing finding a solid lunch spot that breaks away from the Palermo café-lunch-brunch scene epicenter.  Loreto Garden Bar, situated in a residential part of Colegiales, is an ideal warm-weather spot, to sit outside, and have a mighty tasty lunch.  Loreto’s menu may seem like any old Argie café menu of burger-sandwich-salad-tarta-offerings, but look a bit […]


BBQ Town: Korean BBQ Right In Your Backyard

bbq town spread

Barrio Chino, my culinary mecca, and home to many disappointing Chinese restaurants (except Asia Oriental counter and Hong Kong Style), has now just gotten a lot more interesting: spicy kimchee, beautiful bulgogi, more than 25 small plates of hot and cold dishes, soup, oysters, bacon, shrimp, lettuce wraps, dumplings – I could go on and on. […]


A Springtime Spot: FLORENCIO


**FLORENCIO IS NOW CLOSED AT THIS LOCATION, BUT STILL OPEN IN RECOLETA** Florencio’s tiny café situated on a charming cobblestone street near the British Embassy was always a top choice to send visitors in the Recoleta area.  Even though it is one of my favorite merienda spots in the city, with only a few tables, […]


Soup Of The Day: Roasted Pumpkin and Carrot Soup


With winter nearing an end, it’s almost time to say goodbye to beloved soup season.  Partial to the butternut squash / pumpkin variety, but feeling an overall deficiency in nutrients, adding carrot to the mix proved to be a good decision.  I’m not going to go into all the healthy properties of the carrot, because […]