This Is Why You’re Fat: Spring Edition

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Summer is finally here, and even though the world didn’t end, I’m still eating like there’s no tomorrow.  Spring was filled with food fairs, chef stalking, bar hoppings, educational cocktail courses, urban gardens, computers breaking, hamburger discoveries and lots of Toddy cookies. Here’s a recap of the good, the bad and the butt ugly of […]


Pop Up Like It’s Hot: Pop Ups Popping Up in Buenos Aires

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POP UP RESTAURANTS ARE STILL THE RAGE, BUT MANY OF THESE PARTICULAR TRANSIENT DINNERS HAVE NOT FIZZLED AND MOVED AWAY Watch out puertas cerradas, a hot younger gastronomical sister has hit the Río de la Plata. All the rage in the United States and Europe about five years ago, pop-up restaurants have finally managed to travel […]