The Great: MARFA Delivery


The day I discovered Marfa marked a great day in my Buenos Aires history.  June 2010: The Rio de la Plata parted and Moses appeared holding a broccoli and red pepper veggie burger.  This delivery food service, open for lunch and dinner, makes a killing offering a healthy-ish menu of bomb salads, sandwiches, veggie burgers, wraps, […]


Loreto Garden Bar


It’s mighty refreshing finding a solid lunch spot that breaks away from the Palermo café-lunch-brunch scene epicenter.  Loreto Garden Bar, situated in a residential part of Colegiales, is an ideal warm-weather spot, to sit outside, and have a mighty tasty lunch.  Loreto’s menu may seem like any old Argie café menu of burger-sandwich-salad-tarta-offerings, but look a bit […]


A Springtime Spot: FLORENCIO


**FLORENCIO IS NOW CLOSED AT THIS LOCATION, BUT STILL OPEN IN RECOLETA** Florencio’s tiny café situated on a charming cobblestone street near the British Embassy was always a top choice to send visitors in the Recoleta area.  Even though it is one of my favorite merienda spots in the city, with only a few tables, […]


Asian Noodle Salad

noodles salad

With asado season approaching, it’s always a good idear to have a few easy yet delicious side dishes up your sleeve.  Asian flavors + kilos of asado meat might not seem like a good combination to some, since Argies are accustomed to haute cuisine sides like the famed ensalada rusa or carrot and mayonnaise salad. […]


All Hype at Cluny

patio cluny

**CLUNY IS NOW CLOSED** When I first stepped foot in Argentina, Cluny was the HOTNESS. All the rave.  The cool place to weekend Palermo-it-up.  But, at a whopping minimum 30 pesos per person, my cheap Study Abroad ass opted to go down the street to the then LAID back (ahem) Mark’s Deli for a delicious […]


Malvón: Villa Crespo’s Perfect Café

malvon spread

Breakfast, lunch, merienda, brunch – yet another quality café has made an appearance in the up-and-coming culinary neighborhood of Villa Crespo. Situated near Buenos Aires’ outlet store central, BA meets New York in Malvón, the bread haven coffee shop.