The Perfect Italian: in Bocca al Lupo Caffé


IN BOCCA AL LUPO HAS UNFORTUNATELY CLOSED AS OF SEPTEMBER 2016  If in Bocca al Lupo was single, it would be quite the catch. Good looking? Check. Great personality? Check. Appealing to the taste buds? Check.Check. Stronglikebull coffee? Triplo check. A wonderful welcome to Palermo Hollywood, this Italian café has what it takes for coffeehouse […]


The Great San Telmo Coffee Hut: Coffee Town


The San Telmo market just got A LOT bit better. Coffee snobs, coffee lovers and coffee addicts can now flock to the infamous mercado for a quick shot of this liquid gold. A small coffee hut nestled in between a vegetable stand and a hoarder’s antiqued-out dream, Coffee Town, the new love hijo of the Centro de Estudios […]