Aipim: A Latin American Gem

AIPIM IS NOW CLOSED BUT THE CHEF HAS REOPENED A NEW SPOT IN SAN TELMO: CHOCHÁN Relatively new to the Palermo Soho restaurant scene, Aipim is one of those special gems where everything on the menu looks like something you’d want to order. All the factors that make a restaurant great are there: attentive service, a […]


Adios Resaca, Hello Maple Syrup: Magdalena’s Party Brunch


What do classic soul jams, Bloody Marys and massive breakfast crepes have in common? Resto bar Magdalena’s Party weekend brunch offerings.  I remember back in the day when it was nearly impossible to find anything reminiscent of a good ole’ USA styled brunch – times have changed and bruncheando is a new local pastime (ranked […]


All Hype at Cluny

patio cluny

**CLUNY IS NOW CLOSED** When I first stepped foot in Argentina, Cluny was the HOTNESS. All the rave.  The cool place to weekend Palermo-it-up.  But, at a whopping minimum 30 pesos per person, my cheap Study Abroad ass opted to go down the street to the then LAID back (ahem) Mark’s Deli for a delicious […]


Muu Lecheria: Wannabe 50’s Diner Done Palermo Style

2010-04-03 16.02.25

A 50’s themed diner smack in the middle of Palermo Soho, the Yanquis are invading!  Pastel blue colored booths, a non-functional jukebox and counter stools, Muu Lecheria (Armenia 1810) has the kitschy ambience down, but like many restaurants in the zone, the food ain’t good and the staff acts like they are doing you a […]