Arévalo’s New Local Hot Spots: Local Restó & Casa Arévalo


UPDATE: LOCAL is now closed.  Living in Palermo Hollywood, it seems like there are multiple restaurants popping up on a monthly basis. Although I find most of them a massive disappointment, there was one in particular that I happily and anxiously awaited the grand opening. The master chef couple Estefanía Di Benedetto and Matías Kyriazis, the […]


Buenos Aires All Star Restaurant: Paraje Arevalo

Paraje Arevalo

On a quiet Palermo Hollywood corner lies just one of the most quaint, pleasant, delicious little restaurants you ever did see.  Simple in decor, Paraje Arevalo (Arévalo 1502) focuses on the food, excellent food that reaches a level that is hard to find in this city. Unique, inventive, with keen eye on presentation, the young […]