Parrillita Transeúntes: The Tranny Parrilla


**THE TRANNY PARRILLA IS NOW SADLY CLOSED** Buenos Aires may have a plethora of colorful parrillas, but none are quite like Parrilla Transeúntes.  Coined as the “Tranny Parrilla,” this meat serving establishment, sharing the same space with both a library and community center in Barracas, puts Buenos Aires on the map for one of the only […]


Parrilla Brunch: A Orillas del Maldonado

**THIS SPOT IS NOW CLOSED*** For a typical Argie, a Sunday afternoon would never consist of eggs, bacon or bagels. Although brunch has made an appearance to the Buenos Aires food scene in recent years, the weekend asado will never go out of style.  So, feeling the porteño spirit, I headed over to Humbolt and […]


Meat on the Street: The Only Street Food in Buenos Aires

What could be better than a big, fat, juicy, well done chorizo drenched in chimichurri and salsa criolla? One eaten at 6:30 in the morning off of a skanky, health violating food cart.  Unlike Latin American countries like Mexico or Brazil, Argentina does not have a booming street food culture.  Sure you can get facturas […]


The Argentine Steak: Guide To The Best Parrillas In Buenos Aires


UPDATE 2016: Check out this update map to the best steaks in Buenos Aires. Slap another steak on the parrilla, because it’s time to get down with some Argentine meat. Known as the land of beef, Argentina is a leader in the carnivorous world with one of the highest beef consumption rates on the planet (local porteños scarf […]