More Brunch, Less Hype: A Triste Brunch at Sirop Folie


Very high hopes were set for the brunch at Sirop Folie. Mentioned in many of the guidebooks, food blogs and online food guides when talking brunch in Buenos Aires, Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner made it to the top of many bruncheando lists. Perhaps blame it on high expectations, but this sad, expensive Recoleta spot […]


The Summer Guide to Eating and Drinking In The Wild Palermo Outdoors

IMG_0777 copy

Eating outdoors is one of those strange pleasantries in life, whether it’s an outdoor patio, rooftop terrace, quiet backyard garden or even colectivo polluted sidewalk, food somehow tastes better while sitting outside basking in the aire libre. The Buenos Aires dining and café scene is all about outdoor spaces, where restaurants immediately increase in stock […]


The Perfect Plate of Rabas: El Preferido de Palermo


Long before Palermo Soho flooded with overly trendy porteños, when Spanish was still the dominate language of the neighborhood, El Preferido de Palermo opened as a standard almácen-like bodegón: no frills, attentive service, solid food.  Since the opening in 1952, this restaurant on the corner of Guatemala and Borges has stayed true to its heritage, […]


Food Porn Depression: Yanquiland Chapter

shake shack

I always go into a deep, dark pit of food depression once back in Buenos Aires after an extended vacation. Generally, that intense culinary homesick feeling comes into full force Day 2 of being back, around lunch time or inside a supermarket, when I get a huge cock slap realization to the face: the food […]


BBQ Town: Korean BBQ Right In Your Backyard

bbq town spread

Barrio Chino, my culinary mecca, and home to many disappointing Chinese restaurants (except Asia Oriental counter and Hong Kong Style), has now just gotten a lot more interesting: spicy kimchee, beautiful bulgogi, more than 25 small plates of hot and cold dishes, soup, oysters, bacon, shrimp, lettuce wraps, dumplings – I could go on and on. […]


Buenos Aires All Star Restaurant: Paraje Arevalo

Paraje Arevalo

On a quiet Palermo Hollywood corner lies just one of the most quaint, pleasant, delicious little restaurants you ever did see.  Simple in decor, Paraje Arevalo (Arévalo 1502) focuses on the food, excellent food that reaches a level that is hard to find in this city. Unique, inventive, with keen eye on presentation, the young […]


Israeli Food Porn


Spending two weeks in the Homeland, I quickly found out that Israeli food is much more than shawarma, falafel and hummus.  On the four meal per day regime, I became obsessed with eating my way through this Middle Eastern Mediterranean country: fresh chopped vegetables, iced cafés, salads, Israeli breakfasts, homemade breads, fresh fish and tahina-rich flavors. […]


Peruvian Fusion Supper Club: Casa Jauretche


Puertas cerradas, closed door restaurants, supper clubs – call it what you will, this form of dining experience continues to increase in popularity with great spots popping up all over the city.  Since first receiving press about this trend back in 2006, chefs continue to invite a selective number of guests to enjoy a special […]


All Hype at Cluny

patio cluny

**CLUNY IS NOW CLOSED** When I first stepped foot in Argentina, Cluny was the HOTNESS. All the rave.  The cool place to weekend Palermo-it-up.  But, at a whopping minimum 30 pesos per person, my cheap Study Abroad ass opted to go down the street to the then LAID back (ahem) Mark’s Deli for a delicious […]