The Empanada Quest: El Banco Rojo


I’m going on another empanada quest, a search across the country to find the best empanadas Argentina has to offer. Even though empanadas are everywhere, it’s not easy to find that perfect empanada. I’m talking flavorful dough, folded thoughtfully with a respectable repulgue, and baked or fried until golden brown. It’s the kind of empanada crammed with such delicious […]


Eat Like A Pig: Chochán, delicias en cerdo


CHOCHAN HAS SHUTTERED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICES. PIG TEAR :( There was a day when I wasn’t allowed to eat pork. Bacon, pork belly, ham, sausages, ribs, chops, salami, and a whole wonderful world of the other white meat remained unkosherly off-bounds in my reform Jewish household. But my fascination for the oinking bottom feeder remained strong, and like […]


F You, They’re From San Telmo: El Banco Rojo

el banco rojo

Update: Banco Rojo has changed locations (one block away on Bolivar 866 in a bigger and better way) Now there’s a new reason to venture out of your barrio bubble to far off San Telmo lands. From the owners of famed San Telmo bar La Puerta Roja, yet another cheap healthy-ish fast food spot has graced Buenos […]


Café San Juan: Worth the Hype

cafe sanjuan

If Tony Hawk and Chef Ludo had a love baby, it would probably come out something like Leandro ‘Lele’ Cristóbal of the acclaimed Café San Juan.  Sexy Argentine celebrity mega chef, total groso in the kitchen, TV personality, reality TV show star, tattooed douche bag bad ass, and skater boy playa has made Café San Juan one of the most popular restaurants […]


Homemade Cookin’ at Caseros


“Ideal para gente cool de entre 25 y 40 años,” this is how Planeta Joy describes Caseros (Av. Caseros 486), a “bodegón chic” in San Telmo.  If this is the case, then I guess I am sort of obligated to try it as my ultimate goal in life is to be una persona cool that lunches […]


Happy Drunk Fest: Buenos Aires Happy Hour Guide


Bar at Kansas during Happy Hour, after they cleared out lots of empties. Note: This guide was made in 2010, and probably very out of date. Help me make another guide and tell me about your favorite Buenos Aires happy hour. Happy Hour should be called something different. Who came up with this stupid expression? First […]