Buenos Aires Street Food: A Bizarre Bondiola in the Woods


I’ve searched far and wide, from Costanera Norte to Sur, on an endless quest for Buenos Aires’ best bondiola sandwich. After upsetting the treif heavens (sorry Rabbi) on many failed attempts, I’m happy to announce this porky oinky life achievement.


Top Buenos Aires New Restaurant Picks of 2012


It has been quite the exciting year for the Buenos Aires food and restaurant loving community. Once was a subpar food city, Buenos Aires has quickly taken the spot for one of the world’s rising star food destinations. 2012 put Buenos Aires on the food map with young talented cooks emerging, great new restaurant openings, […]


Prediction 2013: The Year of the Food Trucks in Buenos Aires

nomad food truck

It was only a matter of time the gourmet food truck trend that ravished the United States in 2011 make its fashionable trucker debut in Buenos Aires. Many thought it wouldn’t happen. Restrictions, regulations, habilitaciones municipales, there were just too many laws in place that strictly forbid any type of mobile kitchen (unless it served choripán […]


Meat on the Street: The Only Street Food in Buenos Aires

What could be better than a big, fat, juicy, well done chorizo drenched in chimichurri and salsa criolla? One eaten at 6:30 in the morning off of a skanky, health violating food cart.  Unlike Latin American countries like Mexico or Brazil, Argentina does not have a booming street food culture.  Sure you can get facturas […]