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Spice Me Up, Green Curry

If you take a city wide expat poll, I bet most would agree on what kinds of foods are wished to be more readily available in Buenos Aires. Spices, picante, mouth burning sauces; while once a bit of food sweat … Continue reading

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The Executive Menu: Sudestada, High Winds with a Great Lunch Special

Back in the good old BA days, when the colectivo cost 80 centavos, Sudestada offered one of the best lunch specials in Palermo.  Fast forward a few years, add a major inflation increase, and this Southeast Asian inspired restaurant still remains a … Continue reading

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Cocina Sunae Closed Door Restaurant

There’s a reason puerta cerrada Cocina Sunae has been written up in international and local publications, Chef Christina Sunae has been featured on El Gourmet channel, and it’s become one of the most well known closed door restaurants in Buenos Aires: flavor-packed, … Continue reading

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