The Best Pizza in Buenos Aires: Siamo Nel Forno


Surprising to many locals who have a life-long devoted loyalty to their favorite dish, Argentina is known by many to serve some pretty awful pizza. Some have even go far to say that it’s one of the worst pizza in the world. Oh, but how can you go wrong with dough + cheese + grease, might you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: Despite the large Italian influence, and love for the cheesy pie, most pizza in Buenos Aires consists of rubbery cheese, tasteless cardboard dough, no sauce with very little flavor and odd topping choices.* Fortunately, one pizzeria stands far above the rest with their true napoletana style pizza. Thanks to Siamo nel Forno there is no competition anymore, this pizza is simply the best.

Siamo nel forno pizza close up

People always overuse the words the best to describe food, “I had the best <insert something that is probably not that good ever in my life> it was TO DIE FOR.”  But in this case, you can hold me to my pizza declaration: for those who are not fans of Argentine style pizza, long for something a bit different, looking to ditch the puddles of grease on a cardboard tasting crust to change it up for a lighter version, get your culo to this Palermo Hollywood pizzería.


So what’s so great about this pizza that makes it so damn good? Owner and the total Italian pizza making grosso Néstor Gattorna brings the true Italian pizza experience by serving high quality ingredients, mostly imported from Italy, with fresh toppings, a carefully worked dough, and beautiful flavor combinations. Tomato sauce made with care in a world of pizza sauces that consist of canned tomato puré, high quality olive oils, wonderful cheeses and an interesting selection of toppings.


The magic is in the baking. Pizzas are cooked for only about one minute in a wood-fire oven that has been heated to 450 degrees C. It comes out slightly burnt and crispy on the outside, yet still has that soft, chewy and pliable consistency. Really perfect doughy texture with those airy bubble blisters.

For those who have simpler tastes, try the cheeseless option: sweet tangy tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, basil and sea salt. Ask for some red pepper flakes or spicy chili oil, and you have simple perfection.


My personal flavor and go-to pizza that never fails, the Margherita: fior de latte mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil.


The potato pizza is also a winner, with thin slices of potato and Parmesan cheese.


For dessert, the nutella specialty is a must order: nutella + pizza, you say?? Dreams are made of this shit. Unlike most Buenos Aires pizzerias, Siamo Nel Forno does not deliver, but you can order your pizza to go – and if you bring your own tupperware (ahem, like me) bring home a caprese salad or burrata too.

Siamo nel Forno 
Costa Rica 5886, Palermo Hollywood
Tel. 4775-0337
Tue – Sun: 8pm – close

*While good pizza does exist in Buenos Aires, you can’t just walk into any pizzeria and expect to be served a piece of the good stuff. Pizza has a bit different definition and the good pizzerías offer something similar to a Chicago deep dish. If you want to try Argentine-style pizza, aka a cheese-onion fugazetta bomb, here is my Buenos Aires pizza guide on the Latin Kitchen.


  1. Martin Jorge O says

    Alright, so this blog is quite addictive. Now Having grown up in both Baires and NYC, my thoughts on who makes the best pizza is a little askew. My family originally came from Italy and Denmark to Argentina (Neuquen to be precise), so I grew up having really good Northern style Italian food and a hatred for pickled herring. I think that the best way to approach this is to accept the standards that each culture brings to the table. For Argentine pizza, the cheese I think is called something other than mozzarella (maybe cremoso), so it tends to have have a higher moisture content than USA commercial moz, hence the glistening(-ization) of it – a bit more runny. When I was teenager and traveled back to Vte. Lopez from NYC, I would order a plain pie and demand extra-salsa, something that the La Esquina Pizza on Avenida San Martin could not wrap their mind around, needless to say, it gave it a bit more flavor. Also, remember that the majority of pies made in Baires are basically pan style pizza, where the dough may be pre-cooked prior in a little pool of oil in a pan, not to different from Chicago pies(which I really do love). American style pies are put in the oven with a little bit of flour, like a bread, nice and dry. Now that I live in Brooklyn, I love Lucali’s, which is a fantastic interpretation of a Neapolitan pie. Also, the best pizza I ever had in Argentina, was in Neuquen at Franz & Peppone, can’t remember the address, but if you find yourself there, try the Rockefort pie.

  2. says

    Chicago huh. I can’t argue with you on that one. Dan from Saltshaker once made me a Chicago style pizza here in BA and it was fantastic. It’s nice to get a little slice of home once in a while.

    I also agree on Siamo. For me, it is the best pie in the city.

    And although I have also grown fond of some local pizzas like Alan has, I could never really get too excited over them. I mean, if I were to leave Argentina tomorrow, I am pretty sure that pizza would not be one of the things that I would miss. That little hole in my heart would be occupied by empanadas, dulce de leche, grilled steak, choripan, wine, ice cream, fresh pasta joints, fruit and veggies in season, etc.

    Oh, and by the way, I also happen to like the pizza from Albamonte. This place is not a typical touristy spot.

    Great post Allie!

    • carlos says

      Albamonte is so good as siamo nel forno…real italian pizza , and el cuartito s real porteños pizza and very good !

  3. Johnny Mnemonic says

    Well..I would say the best “Pizza napoletana” (that’s different from a “standard” pizza) in BS, not the best pizza in general.
    Try to eat a pizza at Piola and let us know .

    • Johnny Mnemonic says

      Well, i’ve just seen your review of Piola so you have already tried it.
      What can I’s a matter of personal taste . I, as a Rome guy, prefer Piola’s pizza (even if the Mozzarella that they use is far light years from the Italian one)

  4. Eli says

    So who has the best in the world then expert ? Living in California, very difficult to find a good pizza. I still say BA has better pizza than here.

  5. Salvador says

    Definitely agree… been here for over a month and i still i cannot find a pizza that tastes or looks like a proper italian pizza…. i actually had given up, but i will make the trek to Palermo and taste Siamo. I live in Barrio Norte and there is literally a Pizza place in every corner, but they all look like the same… fat pies of dough with white rubber on top. Any suggestions? Thanks. Just started reading the blog, recommended by one of your readers Jeatala, and am really enjoying it.

  6. Erika says

    I must agree, pizza is terrible down here. I´ll try this one.
    Anyone knows where to find something like the pizza in Roma, thin crust, light…
    Thanks for your reviews, they are very helpful for a picky eater !


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