Wrapping N Rolling with Fitz Roll

Palermo Hollywood lunch crew, here’s a quick lil’ gem for a midday munch. Fast food done differently, this hole-in-the-wall nestled snuggly on Fitz Roy, rolls out fatty wraps filled with your own choice of produce-protein prime packed goodness. 

Who cares if there’s no place to sit? So what if there’s a long pago fácil deadline day-like line? Fitz Roll‘s wraps taste great, they are relatively healthy, and it costs a fraction of what the other restaurants in the area are charging. It’s the type of place to take away, eat it on the curb, or stuff face on the walk back to the office.

So here’s how it works: pick a roll, any roll (vegetarian, chicken or beef), then choose from about 14 toppings. *They also offer salads.

Your normal cast of salad bar characters: lettuce, tomato, choclo, zanahoria, huevo duro, etc. plus a special flavor like grilled eggplant, olives or lentils – overall nothing too adventurous, but enough to give you a good array of options.

They use a tortilla / Arabic saj style thin doughy flat bread, and then top it with however many toppings your little heart desires with vegetables, meat and sauces. Usually they offer three sauces that change frequently: think salsas like picante (that’s not very picante), agridulce, mustard, BBQ or SALSA GOLF. If this place really wanted to elevate their wraps to another level, they could play around with their sauces – make a yogurt garlic sauce, or sesame-tahina dressing, or an Asian aderezo, or ranch or a flavored mayo.. the options are endless.

What a sexy vertical broiler you have, carve that meat.

Pop it in the sandwich press to make it extra toastie, and voilaaaa – you got yourself a Fitz Roll roll!

The uncircumcised final product: chicken wrap with lettuce, charred eggplant, tomato, red cabbage, corn and cheese (regular queso cremoso). If you are in the ‘hood and looking for fast food excursion, Fitz Roll makes a very solid and affordable lunchtime option.

Fitz Roll
Fitz Roy 1841
Mon – Fri:12:00pm -3:00pm
Average price: AR$40




  1. Caleb says

    You have to try Cresta (Bulnes 829). Killer, killer, and I mean KILLER wraps. only open during the day. the place is freaking addicting.

  2. josef says

    These guys are awesome: they actually make the flat bread themselves.
    Try to get there before 13hs, because the line is always LONG

  3. Vicky says

    Que atractiva que suena esta propuesta! Siempre nos encanta conocer restaurantes que son “on the go” porque en Argentina no hay muchos puestos en donde prevalece la comida para llevar y para la gente que esta en apuros – esta opción es muy buena!

  4. robert says

    Probalo, te va a gustar mucho, es una buena opcion para un vegano, muy sabroso, sin privarte de los sabores gourmet todo en un roll.

  5. says

    I’ve never been to this place so thank you so much for sharing this! I’ll try this one on my next trip to Palermo, I’m never there because I live in Boedo but every 3 months I have to see my cat’s physical therapist near the train station on Av. Juan B. Justin. Anyway I saw a similar restaurant in my neighborhood, It’s called Av. Juan de Garay Roll, but I’ve never been there either because it’s never open. Being a vegan makes it hard to be adventurous in this city, it also makes life depressing.


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