Product of the day: The Toddy Cookie

PRAISE to the kiosco dioses, because Toddy Cookies have arrived. Sweeping the supermercado and chino shelves, this crack-like cookie is one of the best (and worst) things that has ever happened to the cookie loving porteño world. Sweet, crunchy, crackity, chocolatey, chipity, put on your cookie pants because it’s time to go loco for the holy Toddy cookie.

So why are these chemical-packed additive-stacked grocery store cookies such hot shit? A glorified Chips Ahoy, the junk food snacks scene has stepped it up a notch, finally providing a good tasting option beyond the bullshit bizcochos and ghastly galletitas.

There should be a warning that comes on the package of these cookies: highly addictive, after you finish with one cookie, your hand will automatically want to grab another, making it virtually impossible to show any cookie restraint. Just after a few short months on the cookie market, this marketing experiment became all the rage – with fans erupting over the sweet treat and Toddy cookies exploding nation wide.

It’s like Willy Wonka and the fucking golden ticket, kiosco windows advertising they are in stock with Toddy.Pack-Toddy-Extra_-ALTA

HOT DAMN, Toddy. I didn’t think you could get any sexier but then you go and add a THICK LAYER of chocolate at the bottom. The packaging doesn’t lie, it really is the PERFECT combination of cookie and chocolate. If you aren’t aware of Toddy cookies, I want to half ass apologize right now for making you hooked.


And Ohhhhh SNAP. Toddy + Chungo worlds have collided as the ultimate ice cream sandwich dream team comes together to create TODDY LATTO. Hallelujah, life is now complete. My mind has officially been snowblown.

*Note: these cookies are banging for local supermarket standards, amongst a sea of subpar processed junk. But Sugar and Spice will still always reign supreme in the sweet world of Buenos Aires cookies.




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