An Open Love Letter to Lamb Empanadas


My Dearest Lamb Empanadas,

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with something, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

It was years ago but I remember it like yesterday. A rainy, cold and grey Buenos Aires late afternoon — too late for lunch, yet way too early for dinner — I roamed around Palermo on a quest to curb my famished yet demanding high standard hunger pains. With restaurants shut during the afternoon Palermo lunch-dinner gap, café kitchen’s closed, and the rest of my gastronomical choices too pathetic to properly eat my depressed feelings away, I decided to end my hours of aimless wanders, give up any hope to find something good, and settle with disappointing desperation snacking.

“Just stuff your face with something stupid at the next food spot you see,” my rational self told my fatgirl other half who craved something more than a soggy miga sandwich, or stale medialuna. Walking down Honduras street with a Charlie Brown rain cloud perched over my head I reached Godoy Cruz and spotted a sad empty corner bar.

“Fuck it,” I thought, and quite possibly could have stated out loud. I entered the bar expecting a cold tray of empanadas with flies swarming overhead, but to my surprise we locked eyes right as you exited the hot oven. You appeared like a rainbow that emerged from that lucky pot of gold, the storm clouds cleared and the sun shone brightly with direct illumination onto your glistening pastry outsides and slow cooked meaty filling. It was love at first Patagonian lamb sight.

I took a bite and my jaw locked, teeth began to sweat, stomach gasmed with delight — big chunks, perfectly seasoned, braised for what seemed to be for days in a flavorful cumin, onion and spice infused mix, and served in an open faced triangle — so I could subtly peek at your overwhelming sex appeal. From that day forward, I knew we were meant to be.

Pekín lamb empanada, you complete me.


Pekin – Bar de pizzas
Honduras 5303, Palermo Soho // Elcano 3194, Colegiales
Tel. 4833-9600 // 4554-2442
Delivery to Palermo & Colegiales
Price: AR$9 – 12 pesos per empanada
*Also order the carne picante, carne suave and panceta with plum, all of which are the total hotness




  1. Tom says

    Just my luck. They were closed in the afternoon. I highly recommend Senior Swarma across the street (on Honduras).

  2. Mariano B says

    Hay un lugar que las hace muy muy buenas en Uriarte entre Córdoba y Niceto Vega. Caserísimas, atendido por una familia y si les sonreís un poco te dan limón para condimentarlas. Genial.

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