Pick Up the Fork: Comiendo Buenos Aires on UN3

Awwww shit! Pick Up the Fork is busting out onto the (somewhat) big screen to entertain appetites with some of  porteñolandia’s greatest food hits. Stay tuned weekly for new episodes –> Watch on UN3.TV PUTF grafica

Made with lots of fatty love by the genios of Building Motion Ideas.




  1. Francis Marion says

    Food for thought: There is something about this blog that’s been bugging me for something like two years and I have to blurt it out: Mentioning “shit” on a flod blog does two things. First, it diminishes the writer and her blog. Potty mouth is funny among some teenagers and grown up guys who want to appear tough because they are in fact ineffectual losers (and possibly bullies). Second, it brings forward imagery that should not be brought up when thinking about food and dining. Maybe it’s me, but I make a point not to bring up “shit” when at the dinner table or when discussing cooking, restaurants, food, etc. In the case of this blog, the mention of shit might inspire the image of a toilet full of shit to arise in ones mind, which will instantly deflate any interest in whatever follows, no matter how well written or appealing. For others, they might be assaulted by a sudden, vivid memory of a peanut butter-like stain that recently appeared on their underwear. Etc., etc. Other than that, keep up the good work.


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