In the land of beef, wine, and eating disorders, a guide to Argentine good food, not so good food, restaurant reviews, food-related shopping and my own creations made from a tiny Buenos Aires kitchen.


From a very young age growing up in the mean streets of suburban Chicago, I’ve had a passion for food – intensely devouring it like a possessed chubby demon child.  Since I spend my days planning my next meal, it was only fitting to channel this unhealthy obsession in the form of something a bit more socially acceptable: a Buenos Aires food blog, filled with restaurant reviews, a food shopping eating guide and recipes.

Follow the drama of my 5  6 7 8 year love-hate relationship with Buenos Aires food, culture, and daily ridiculousness.

All the photos on the site are mine (unless otherwise noted/linked to), so please don’t steal them. Or if you do, give me credit for being the fab food photog I pretend to be. I’ve been lucky to be featured in several magazines, newspapers and TV shows to show off my Buenos Aires food and restaurant expertise, you can click here as you stalk my press page while I simultaneously humbly brag about it.

I’m also one of “THOSE PEOPLE” who post photos of food on social media (and maybe cats..), so if you don’t roll your eyes at food photography posted at a healthy rate, follow me on:

Questions, comments, complaints, harassments all welcome: imhungry@pickupthefork.com.

George napkn

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  1. Pearl says:

    what an adorable little girl! …and why all the singing? what a swinging party!

  2. LOVE your blog – Argentine food is def worthy of lots of discussion!

  3. Guy Nevo says:

    I am one of the founders of Guia Oleo, we would like to invite you to Oleo’s Party in November, please send me your email address.

  4. Lizzy says:

    I love this blog, was searching for a decent pizza joint in Bs As (there’s a lot of rubbish out there – I’ve been living here for a while myself) and stumbled across your blog! I, as a vegetarian living in the city understand exactly what you mean by the love-hate relationship you share with argentine food!

  5. Tim says:

    Hola from Auckland!
    I stumbled upon your blogs when I was looking for BA restaurants and I love them! Im a big fan (if you didnt know you had fans you now have one, which is one away from a fan club)

  6. Josh says:

    Hey I just found this website while looking for some nice restaurants to eat at over the next few days. Great blog!! Can’t wait to try some of these places out!

  7. Gabby says:

    so glad I stumbled upon your blog… I just started mine a few weeks ago, but I feel like I’m all over the place right now. Seeing your blog, made me really see the direction that I want to go in.

  8. readytayrun says:

    I’m leaving for my semester abroad in Buenos Aires on Feb 22. I’m so glad I found your blog before I take off!

  9. Maria Carra says:

    Love your point of view… refreshing…

  10. paulryankatz says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog. Though as a vegetarian in this city my relationship to Argie food tends more to the hate than the love end of the spectrum, some of your posts are giving me hope!

  11. Orbit says:

    Thanks for the information and I definately use it.

  12. Vega says:

    I think this blog is great.

  13. MMM MMM MMM got to love everything about your blog!
    Would love to go with you to your favorite place next time I come to visit MADI!!!

  14. Sandra says:

    You are HILARIOUS! I can’t stop laughing over here……. thank you thank you thank you!

  15. Niki says:

    I’ve left a note on your equally terrible blog on ‘life in Buenos Aires’. You do not live porteña life, ‘Forkyou’. You are so condescending, and you clearly don’t like Argentina. A plausible reason would be that Buenos Aires, los porteños and Argentina probably don’t like you either.
    I just don’t get you silly yanquis, travelling across the world only to critize and claim ‘bay-ack houhm, in the stades, it’s ahl soo much beda’. I say – off you go, back houhm.

  16. haha you know you’ve made it big when the haters come out to hate on you!

  17. Antoinette says:

    Wait…I’m confused…you say this is a “guide to Argentine good food” but all the food you recommend is distinctly UN-Argentine (mostly American things like burgers, bagels, french toast but also food from other cultures eg the Korean bbq place & Asian noodle recipe). I’m not complaining but I’m genuinely puzzled why you call this a guide to Argentine food? Especially when you seem to dislike typical Argentine food immensely!

    (You wrote: “food in Buenos Aires S-U-C-K S at times can be very disappointing due to a lack of variety and affordable ethnic food.” This is a great guide but I think it’s misleading because I don’t see that you appreciate or recommend “Argentine food” anywhere. Just my opinion.)

    • forkyou says:

      Hi Antoinette,
      Thanks for your opinion and hopefully I can clear up some of your confusion. From my point of view, the blog is about food in Argentina, which I consider to be the same as Argentine food. The majority of the blog is about restaurants you will find in Buenos Aires and while it’s true that I have included food that is not just from Argentina (USA, China, Peru, Mexico, Japan, just to name a few), in no way does that mean I don’t appreciate traditional Argentine cooking. On the contrary – if you take a look at the restaurant guide (http://pickupthefork.com/restaurant-guide), you’ll find more than HALF of the restaurants included are considered “comida argentina” ex: empanadas, parrilla, pizza, minutas, comida del norte, de patagonia, etc.
      The first 3 years of living in BA I loaded up on “Argentine” food (the cuisine) – loving (almost) every minute of it. But in recent years, just as I was starting to get frustrated and bored with the lack of variety, there has been a great influx of new restaurants popping up, which has really been an exciting and positive change to the Buenos Aires culinary scene, and thus fun for me to eat and share with other readers who are interested in all culinary aspects of the city. Who wants to eat (and read about) strictly traditional Argentine cuisine? That’s not interesting to me and probably not to other followers of the blog.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Love the blog, I’m so happy to have found it, you have no idea! Photos are great and you are a hilarious writer. Really talented. But PLEASE update more!!!

  19. mexicanmannequin says:

    Your blogs are great! Keep it up. I like hearing an authentic and funny voice about BsAs from a fellow estado-unidense. I live in NYC, but own a place here and come back when I can … So I try to keep up on things here … Almost all the blogs about Buenos Aires by expats, about the food or whatever, are either a dorky embarrassment or an incredible annoyance … Yours is far from either! Dale!

  20. Wow…I’ve only just begun reading your blog and I am excited! It seems my husband I are moving to BsAs after the beginning of the year. I have talked to many down there but no one with as an extreme passion for food as Rafa and I. So thank you! I guess I am kinda doing the same thing here in Costa Rica (if you are interested in reading too). I am hoping maybe I can bend your ear about a few food concerns we have. Would that be to presumptuous? Let me know. In the meantime, I am gonna tuck in and read the rest of your blogs.

  21. Xema2005 says:

    Hey girl!!
    Just love your blog! your pics are great and you’re giving me a very long list of places to visit….and some other recipes to try. Cheers
    PS: Merry Xmas and Happy 2012

  22. hola . lei la nota que te hicieron ayer en clarin y me parecio muy interesante. mi hermana tiene un emprendimiento gastronomico de cata de vinos y cocina goumet que se llama espacio gasset.
    Podes encontrarlo en Facebook . Quizas te interese dar una visita por el lugar. Saludos.
    Christian Pineda



  23. Elizabethafitch@gmail.com says:

    Honestly girl, 30 seconds before I clicked on your A/S/L (22/F/BK,NY btw…) I said aloud “I want to be this girl’s best friend.” . So heres your ego stroking comment you asked for. ;)

    In all seriousness though, I must have visited your blog via google links 15 times this past week. Every time my boyfriend or I have googled any restaurant or cuisine we’ve been interested in eating your blog has popped up. We’ve taken your advice on places such as Malvón and La Crespo. After reading about Melão here we’ve been not-so-patiently awaiting their return from vacation and are going to eat the shit out of that place tomorrow for lunch. And then there was just now a few minutes before we leave for Bi Won I google it and you show up yet again. So, really, THANK YOU!

    P.S. I’m here until Saturday evening if you’d like to grab a drink sometime before then!
    Ella Fitch, fellow food blogger and maybe soon to be fellow ex-pat?

  24. Pingback: Café San Juan: Worth the Hype | Pick Up The Fork

  25. You are my new favourite food critic.
    I somewhat agree with your SushiPOP review, although it’s priced to be POP.
    Great read; subscribed now (I hope I can collaborate with “test omnoming” in the future)

  26. María Laura says:

    Gracias por este blog! Soy argentina, porteña porteña… y hay lugares que ni conocía!!!
    Buena data para divulgar también a nuestros alumnos!!
    Saludos y que disfrutes en BA!

  27. Redhombre says:

    Wow, this was a actually quality blog.

  28. juan santa cruz says:

    Que chica tan hermosa y dulce que sos!!

  29. Aniux says:

    Love this blog, ur pics are amazing! ;)

  30. Facundo says:

    Estaria bueno que empiece a hacer las criticas en Espanyol así la gente de España o países de habla española puedan empezar a saber a que restaurante ir.TE FELICiTO por tener el coraje se comensal una vida nueva en un país totalmente desconocido… Saludos

    • forkyou says:

      gracias Facundo! Si, la idea es empezar a escribir en español para que mas gente en Argentina pueda entenderlo. Lo malo es que tarda mucho mas tiempo escribir en castellano y muchas veces no es tan facil traducirlo!

  31. LM says:

    Have you been to Pani? http://www.pani.com.ar/

  32. Valentin says:

    Hola, no has ido a El Palacio de la Papa Frita? Me gustaria mucho que revindicaras o destruyeras a uno de los mitos porteños. Sorry, i don´t speak english.

    • forkyou says:

      Nunca tenía ganas de probarlo porque si voy a comer la comida que ofrecen ahi, me parece que hay muchos lugares mejores donde hay comida parecido, a un precio mas razonable.

  33. Lucrecia Lynch says:

    Que tal una vueltita por la zona de San isidro? Nos vendría bien

  34. Lili says:

    Te vi en el noticiero del 13 , me encantó tu nota , felicitaciones por lo que hacés !!.

  35. You have an attractive blog, but I take exception in your interview in the BA Herald to your general statement that Argentine food is “boring.” Your blog concentrates on Buenos Aires. BA is not Argentina – it has it’s own cultural/culinary influences. I’d also suggest that you not equate restaurants with the national cuisine. One’s business and the other cultural. http://www.travel-with-pen-and-palate-argentina.com/argentine-food.html

  36. Julia says:

    Thank you so much for this blog!

    I just love it. I am exchange student from Germany and I am really into cooking (i have a small catering startup back at home) and I was kind of frustrated about the quality and or taste of the food here… The kitchen in my apartment is not really equipped for great cooking so I love to go out for dinner every now and then. I always hoped that there is more than awesome parillas, average sushi and pizza & empanadas. I got lucky a few times but i was starving for decent bread, fresh vegetables and something tasty!
    Thanks to you blog i tried marfa delivery today and it saved my life after an 10h day at university. I will probably regret this post in a few weeks when i have tried more of your recommendations and won’t fit into my jeans anymore ;)

  37. Marquis Lange says:

    I really enjoyed this web blog. You really come with exceptional well written articles

  38. Mitch says:

    Wonderful blog!

  39. Ami says:

    I just arrived here in Buenos Aires and discovered your blog and it has become my go to for finding decent food in this town! I knew it had to exist, but have been having a hard time finding it! More Palermo Hollywood tips, please!!

  40. jennlerner says:

    Words cannot describe how much I love this video, this makes me laugh every time I watch it. Somewhere in the depths of the Lerner basement, there is a video of me around my 4th or 5th birthday where I am literally shoving chocolate birthday cake into my mouth with my fist (and getting my entire face while I’m at it). I looked like I got into a fight with a swamp…and lost. Great minds think (eat) alike.

  41. Mike says:

    Keep on working, great job! Can I take you to dinner sometime?

  42. Franny says:

    I have not found many blogs that deliver such consistently readable and informative content, that’s also funny. you rock!

  43. Harry says:

    Keep on working, great job!

  44. guillermina says:

    Sos grosa. Lo entendiste todo. Un placer tu blog. Saludos y gracias!

  45. Janean Vear says:

    I simply want to mention I am just beginner to blogging and certainly enjoyed this web blog. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You definitely come with very good articles and reviews. With thanks for revealing your website.

  46. misstrickky says:

    I’m here to echo the praise in this thread! My (foodie) boyfriend and I are here for 6 weeks on a working holiday. We live in Melbourne. Australia and are obsessed with trying new restaurants and more generally, eating and drinking well. This blog has been my bible since arriving 10 days ago, we went to Aipim for the brunch degustation this morning, A-MAZING. Thank you for all your rigorous ‘research’ – keep up the good work!

    • forkyou says:

      BIBLE?! Woah, so nice to hear! What have been some of your favorite spots (and least favorites)?

      • misstrickky says:

        Loved Chan Chan, Baraka, Aipim, A Nos Amours. Got burned ordering pizza at La Fachada (didn’t see your note about going for empanadas NOT pizza). Not on your list is Bar 6 on Armenia, they have awesome bagel sandwiches and lemonada is all sorts of flavours. Buena onda tambien!

  47. Erin Avery says:

    Keep it up, very impressive|insightful|good job|work.

  48. romana franceza says:

    Thanks for all of your time & work.

  49. Casandra says:

    I savor this, lead to I found exactly what I was looking for. God Bless you man.

  50. Keneth Kazmer says:

    I just want to tell you that I am newbie and honestly enjoyed you’re web site.

  51. Kessler says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written.

  52. Juan Decaneo says:

    Great blog you have here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours these days.

  53. carey says:

    I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be exactly I’m looking for.

  54. Kelli says:

    I love your site, i check it daily to see if you update.

  55. Tess says:

    Normally I never comment on blogs, but I’m studying abroad here in Buenos Aires for the semester and am SO happy that I found yours! Otherwise I would be lost within the porteño labyrinth of mediocre parillas y cafes…I’ve only gone to El Peruanito Ray y El Nono Amigo from your list so far, but they were both great and I look forward to working my way down the list (especially for Cheap Bastards). Keep it up!

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  59. cazbag says:

    I love your blog, YUM! We went to Aldo’s on Saturday for brunch. I can’t believe you can sit there and eat and drink for 6 hours for only 160! Not sure you’re supposed to stay there that long, but…never mind.

    While we were there the girls in the group hatched a plan for a girls’ late lunch. My request is, please would you recommend somewhere light and airy for a late lunch perhaps stretching to dinner anywhere around San Telmo to Palermo? Excellent food a must of course. Not fussy about cuisine. It’ll be a Tuesday.

    Thanks so much, Caroline

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  64. Hello! How cool it is to discover a fellow BA-based food blogger! And what a lot of restaurants I can now check out! :) Following you from now on! haha, plus, I like your sense of humor.

    un beso,


  65. Pablo Rodriguez says:

    Have you tried the burguers at Perez-H? They are definitely worth it. Burguer Joint in New York does not do such a good job as they do in this place. Cheers.

  66. Living in Belgrano and being a food lover I just found your blog and it’s very interesting. I read the two last posts and I completely fall in love with the way you write about, posting prices, what seems to be an honest opinion and all the photos.
    Keep up with this, I just have to places to go and taste :)

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  68. Fer says:

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  88. Maggie says:

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