That home video is of me, Allie Lazar, 4 years old, in 1989 (yes, I was a large kid). Ever since a very young age, growing up in the mean streets of suburban Chicago, I’ve been a good eater — intensely devouring all things edible like a possessed chubby demon child. Since I’ve always spent my days eating, writing, cooking, and planning my next meal, it was only fitting to channel this unhealthy food obsession in the form of something a bit more socially acceptable: become a food writer. Plus, it’s a legit excuse for never going on a diet.

I came to Buenos Aires in 2006 to study Political Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires during a semester-long exchange program, and five ten (!) years later I’m still here, crazy enough to have fallen in love with this wonderfully chaotic country. I started writing Pick Up the Fork in 2010 as a hobby to document my love-hate relationship with food in Argentina, attempting to liven up traditional restaurant reviews with a little bit of honesty and a lot of bit of silliness.

I have been lucky to see lots of hungry people enjoy the blog, and have received chubby praise for my Buenos Aires food knowledge from publications like the New York Times, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast, The Travel Channel, and The Food Network.  I even helped President Obama and his staff choose restaurants when they were in Buenos Aires! (I’m sorry, I had to throw in that humble brag.)

What are my qualifications besides being a food obsessed fatty with an overeating problem? I’ve contributed (writing and photography) to publications like Lucky Peach, The Guardian, Food & Wine Magazine, Saveur, New York Post, Eater, Vice Munchies, Serious Eats, La Nacion, Clarin, Roads & Kingdoms, BBC Travel, New Worlder, National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, and The Infatuation. I’m also the former Food & Drinks editor of Time Out Magazine Buenos Aires, RIP. Sometimes when cool food obsessed travelers come to Argentina I organize customized Buenos Aires food tours.

From dirty street food vendors to top chef tasting menus, I don’t think I’ll ever stop my endless quest discovering the great foods around the world. I hope you enjoy reading my labor of love and find it as a useful guide, just as much as I have fun eating and writing it. And if you don’t like it, go suck a chorizo.

Yours Truly,

George Napkin


– I took all of the photos on the site (unless otherwise noted), so please don’t steal them. Or if you do, give me credit for being the fab photog I pretend to be.
– I also get off on reading comments, so feel free to tell me if you want to be my new best friend…. or if you think my drivel is full of shit.
– All of the reviews are my opinion, even if you think they are wrong. You don’t owwwwwn me, restaurant owner, chef, Yelp elitist or press lady.
– I’m also one of “THOSE PEOPLE” who post photos of food (and maybe sometimes cats, dogs and Seinfeld references), so if you don’t roll your eyes at #foodporn posted at a healthy rate, twatme, likeme, and insta-assme on da world wide social media webz –> @pickupthefork
– Questions, comments, complaints all welcome. Fax me at imhungry@pickupthefork.com

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  1. says

    Hi allie!!!
    Im so so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I recently moved to Buenos Aires from Connecticut and Id simply love to meet up with you some day and chat. Im studying communications and I wanna make a blog of my own on vegetarianism and environmental issues and other social and cultural stuff that I go finding here, and Id love to ask you some questions and for some tips too! we could go to a vegetarian place if you know any… let me know!!

  2. Carina says

    Hi Allie, you should try a new place in San Martín 969, Bao Kitchen Taiwan Bistro… truly delicious!!!!! I like your reviews, and I feel Bao Kitchen is worth a post on pickupthefork!!! :) regards.

  3. says

    A friend who used to lived in BA recommended your blog for tips during our week stay here. She said “this girl knows her food”. The blog has been a delight to read and your recommendations have been spot on. I already recommended it to other travelers we met. Keep living the dream!

  4. says

    The only thing I need in this world is to be your BFF and go out eating with you whenever you want, get drunk, and write all of those stories.
    I would die to have this oportunity at least once in my life, so please let me know if we can make this dream come true (???) lol.
    Nevermind, I just want you to know that you have one of the most cooler jobs in the world and I’ll die to be like you someday (I’m closer, now I just need to earn some money with that…………….we got a problem here.)

    Ok, no se porque escribí todo en inglés, supongo que quería practicar que tan bien podía expresarme en otro idioma (y me vi un poco limitada).
    Hablando en serio, no vivo en Buenos Aires pero estaré el mes de noviembre ahí tramitando mi VISA para ir a trabajar a Aspen este verano en los restaurants del Viceroy Hotel en Snowmass. Me gustaría mucho, de ser posible conocernos, comer algo y hacerte muchas preguntas sobre tu profesión y tus claves a tener en cuenta a la hora de describir los platos y lugares que descubrís entre muchas otras preguntas triviales que se me puedan ocurrir. Suena un tanto imposible mi pedido pero quien no arriesga jamás gana supongo.

    Buen provecho genia!

  5. Stephanie says

    But I dooo want to be your new best friend!

    I too studied abroad in 2013, couldn’t get enough, finally made my way back seven weeks ago for good. I’ve been clinging to your blog in this awkward friend- and job-less period, and it’s served me damn well. Keep it up!! And let me know if you ever need another foodie to tag along :)

  6. Nick Kontis says

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    LOCAL – Experiences and Encounters on the Road

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    Living overseas
    And key note interviews
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    I’m asking all mentioned experts to help me add photos to the book

    Please email any photos with travelers with locals and any immersion into a local society, trips , food , encounters on travel


    Nicholas Kontis
    San Francisco

  7. Michael Morgan says

    ‘Entertaining blog! i was researching coffee (houses) in BA (is it impolite to shorten it like that?!?); I hope to spend a few days in the city in very late March. I live in Cajamarca, Peru right now–originally from Missoula, Montana, though I spent a decade or two in Seattle. Hence, the coffee addiction.

    I was surprised and delighted to see Stumptown mentioned. My friend Dwayne (sp?) started Stumptown, in Portland, OR. I’ve been told–by someone who should know–that Dwayne sold Stumptown for a cool million or so after starting in Portland and expanding into both New York and Seattle. He was a roaster at Lighthouse Roasters (in Seattle) for several years–my home away from home when I lived there. Nothing beats FRESH roasted coffee and partaking of the same just 6 feet from where they roast. Of course, art on the walls helps. (‘D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s coffee.) And, on Saturday mornings, when roasting was on a hiatus, a young lady (Gretchen) played cello next to the roaster. Ummmmmmmmm …

    I’ll have to work my way through more of your reviews, tips, suggestions, etc. Coffee, though. I miss it. We have a bit of coffee served here in Peru, and even in Cajamarca, but none of it is ideal. Though I did have an astounding coffee in Humachuco, of all places. I think it was cold-brewed coffee. ‘Was served in a glass beaker and it looked like brown oil! It had absolutely NO acid in it at all. And it was wonderful.

    Thanks for the insights! I’ll see if I can’t crowd in 8 or 9 of the coffeehouses during my short stay!

    ~ Michael

  8. Alex says

    Yup. Totally want to be your new best friend. Thanks for having this blog. I’m here for a month visiting family and needed desperately to find something to do. Preferably food related…tada…your blog. The other ones were too stuffy. I like your ‘don’t-give-a-damn-what-people-think’ writing style. :)

  9. David says

    Just want to thank you for all your work. My friends and I used your guide repeatedly here and you are responsible for a lot of our best memories in B.A! Thanks!

  10. Katie Nugent says

    Fantastic blog that really drove our food decisions whilst in BA. Actually used it in a digital content training workshop, once I got back to London and real life, as my example of great engaging content ( we were all asked to bring one)

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