The Decent

Striving for mediocrity? You came to the right place! All of these Buenos Aires restaurants are pretty average: they won’t give you any O-face tastebudgasms, but you’ll still finish <your plate> and leave <somewhat> satisfied.

  • Aire Creacocina (Bonpland 1577, Palermo Hollywood): Argentine
  • Almacen de Pizza (Locations all across the city): Pizzería
  • Bakano (Fitz Roy 1906, Palermo Hollywood): Pizzería
  • Bangalore (Humboldt 1416, Palermo Hollywood): Indian/Bar food pub
  • Bartola (Nicaragua 5935, Palermo Hollywood): Cute decor, not cute food
  • Be Frika (Junín 1350, Recoleta): Hamburgers
  • Big Mamma (Juramento 2156, Belgrano): Jewish/Deli
  • Bio (Humboldt 2199, Palermo Hollywood): Vegetarian / Natural
  • Brasserie Petanque (Defensa 595, San Telmo): French, great atmosphere, so-so food
  • Buller Brewing Company (Roberto M. Ortiz 1827, Recoleta Cemetery): American
  • California Burrito Company (Locations all across the city): California Mexican
  • Campo Bravo (Baez 292, Las Cañitas): Regular parrilla
  • Carlitos (Burger and crepe chain): Meh
  • Casa Cruz (Uriarte 1658, Palermo Soho): Expensive, food ain’t all that
  • Ceviche (Two locations in Palermo Hollywood & Las Cañitas): nice atmosphere, average food
  • Dashi (Locations across the city): Japanese/Sushi
  • Delicity (Locations across the city): Bakery, facturas
  • Demashk (Charcas 3816, Palermo): Armenian, affordable prices
  • Dominga (Honduras 5618, Palermo Soho): Argentine with rando sushi bits
  • Down Town Matias (Locations across the city): Bar food
  • Due Resto (Juncal 2391, Recoleta): Italian & Mediterranean influenced
  • El Cantonés (Oro 2468, Palermo): Chinese
  • El Claustro, Santa Catalina (San Martin 705, Microcentro): Lovely atmosphere, average food – CLOSED
  • El Cocilón del Clú (Conesa 1299, Colegiales): Argie food
  • El Imperio (Chacarita)
  • Empire Thai (Tres Sargentos 427, Centro): Thai CLOSED
  • Felicidad (Migueletes 887, Las Cañitas): Deli/Café
  • Food Factory (Nicaragua 6055, Palermo Hollywood): Trendy, decent but expensive
  • Garden (Riobamba 1156, Recoleta): Chinese
  • Gibraltar (Peru 895, San Telmo): English Pub Food
  • Granix (Florida 165, 2nd Floor of Galería): Vegetarian Take Away & Tenedor Libre
  • Grants (Las Heras 1925, Recoleta): Tenedor Libre CLOSED
  • Grappa (El Salvador 5802, Palermo Hollywood): Italian
  • Green Monster (Delivery): Vegetarian, vegan. Cheap, healthy delivery option
  • Hsiang Ting-Tang (Arribeños 2245, Barrio Chino): Chinese
  • Itamae (Locations across the city): Sushi, Japanese
  • Ivan Express (Florida 138, Centro): Sandwiches and fast food, inside Kiosco
  • Kanu (Jorge Luis Borges 1813, Palermo Soho): Japanese / Sushi
  • Katmandu (Córdoba 3547, Almagro): Indian – CLOSED
  • Kensho (El Salvador 5783o, Palermo Hollywood): Vegetarian/vegan modern
  • Kentucky (Santa Fe 4602, Palermo): Pizzería, best at 2am
  • Kyodo (Ecuador 1175, Recoleta): Sushi, Japanese
  • La Celeste (Bonpland 1944, Palermo Hollywood): Uruguyan
  • La Cholita (Rodriguez Peña 1165, Recoleta): Argentine, Parrilla
  • La Continental (Callao 361, Congreso): Pizzería
  • La Esquina Café (Beruti 3897, Jardin Botánico, Palermo): Café
  • La Gran Hollywood (Bonpland 2205, Palermo Hollywood): Corner parrilla
  • La Madeleine (Santa Fe 1726, Recoleta): Argentine, Café, Pizzería, All in one. Open 24 hs.
  • La Morada (Larrea 1336, Recoleta): Empandas, Northern Argentine
  • La Pescadorita (Humboldt 1905, Palermo Hollywood): Seafood, good rabas
  • La Querencia (Junin y Juncal, Recoleta): Northern Argentine
  • La Rambla (Posadas 1602, Recoleta): Good lomo sandwich
  • La Rosalia (Estados Unidos 482, San Telmo): Parrilla
  • Lai Lai (Arribeños 2168, Barrio Chino): Chinese
  • Le Bar (Tucuman 422, Centro): Cool Bar, Not cool food
  • Little Rose (Armenia 1672, Palermo Soho): Japanese, Sushi
  • Los Chinos (Federido Lacroze 2121, Belgrano): Chinese
  • Los Inmortales (Corrientes 1369, centro): Pizzería
  • Los Maestros (Uriburu 1305, Recoleta): Pizzería
  • Lupita (Baez 277, Las Cañitas): Mexican
  • MAD Burgers (Juramento y Libertador, Belgrano): Burgers and drinks
  • Magendie (Honduras 5900, Palermo Hollywood): “Natural”
  • Maki Sushi (Ayacucho 1208, Recoleta): Sushi, Japanese
  • Marcelina y Garcia (Cabrera 5065, Palermo Soho): Italian, same owners as La Cabrera
  • Maria Felix (Guatemala 5300, Palermo): Mexican food, awesome space
  • Meridiano 58 (Jorge L. Borges 1689, Palermo Soho): Parrilla
  • Mi Matute (Locations across the city): Pizzería
  • Minga (Costa Rica 4528, Palermo Soho): Parrilla
  • Moche (Nicaragua 5901, Palermo Hollywood): Peruvian fusion
  • Mooi (Cuba 1985, Belgrano): Average food, lovely café atmosphere
  • Mosoq (El Salvador 5800, Palermo Hollywood): Novoadinian  – CLOSED
  • Munich (Roberto M. Ortiz 1871, Recoleta): German
  • Natural Deli (Locations across the city): Healthy natural café
  • Novecento (Báez 199, Las Cañitas): BA classic but ain’t so hot anymore
  • Nsalad (Tucuman 269, Centro): Salads – CLOSED
  • Nuevo Amenabar (Dorrego 2200, Palermo Hollywood): Lunch, café
  • Olivetti (Av. Cerviño 1300, Palermo Botanico): Italian, nice rooftop
  • Omm (Honduras 5656, Palermo Soho): Sushi, bar food
  • Open Kitchen (Reconquista 1054, Centro): Healthy, natural lunch
  • Palitos (Arribeños 2243, Barrio Chino): Chinese
  • Panadería de Pablo (Defensa 269, San Telmo)
  • Peter Panchos (Locations across the city): Late night drunk hot dog
  • Phuket (Honduras 4169, Palermo): Thai
  • Picnic (Florida 102, Centro): Vegan, vegetarian, great healthy fast food concept, beautiful space, not great food
  • Pizza Kroz (Santa Fe, Ravignani & Carranza Subte): Hole in the wall Pizzería
  • Pizza Pet (Santa Fe 5288, Palermo Hollywood)
  • Plaza del Carmen (Locations across the city): Argentine café, all in one
  • Randall’s (Malabia 1530, Palermo Soho): American diner – CLOSED
  • Sake (Beruti 2640, Recoleta): Japanese, Sushi
  • Shamrock (Rodríguez Pena 1220, Recoleta): Bar food
  • Shanghai Dragon (Araoz 1199, Palermo): English Pub Chinese Style, Cheap Food
  • Shiru (Soler 5990, Palermo Hollywood): Japanese, Sushi – CLOSED
  • Sifones y Dragones (Ciudad de La Paz 174, Belgrano):  Asian Fusion – CLOSED
  • Siga la Vaca (Alicia Moreau de Justo 1714, Puerto Madero): Parrilla Tenedor Libre
  • Sirop & Folie (Vicente Lopez 1661, Recoleta): Disappointing brunch
  • Spell Café (Av Alicia Moreau de Justo 740, Puerto Madero): Café, Lunch
  • Super Soul (Báez 252, Las Cañitas): Sushi + overly priced randomness
  • Sushi Club (Locations across the city): Sushi, Japanese
  • Sushi Night (Aráoz 2791, Palermo): Sushi, Japanese
  • Tandoor (Laprida 1293, Barrio Norte): Indian
  • Tartines Crepes & Bakery (Arévalo 1488, Palermo Hollywood): Café Bakery CLOSED
  • Todos Contentos (Arribeños 2177, Barrio Chino): Chinese
  • Veggie’s Deli (Baez 504, Las Cañitas): Healthy, natural food
  • Wasabi’s (Thames 1810, Palermo Hollywood): Cream cheese sushi bomb
  • Xalapa (El Salvador 4800, Palermo Soho): Mexican
  • Yan Kie or YANKIE (Paraguay 5110, Palermo Hollywood): Chinese
  • Zanshin (Delivery): Sushi and pasta, anyone?

Where’s your top average joe meh+ spot? A restaurant that rarely WOWs yet rarely disappoints?

2 Responses to The Decent

  1. Patricia says:

    “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so”· Anton Ego – Ratatuille.

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